Information for the participant

According to the rules in the Personal Data Regulation, the researcher, as a data controller, must inform the data subjects of their rights in the processing of the information.

The researcher records and processes personal data on the basis of Article 6 (2) of the Personal Data Regulation. 1 (a). Sensitive data, ie health data or data on racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs or professional affiliation are recorded and processed on the basis of Article 9 (2) of the Personal Data Regulation. 2 (a). Both rules provide access to process information once the data subject has given explicit consent.

Processing and storage

The researchers will treat the personal data confidentially and they will be stored in systems provided by the IT University of Copenhagen / Aalborg University.

Data Insight

Registered persons can contact the researcher at any time to obtain a copy of the information.

Correction of information

If the registered person believes that incorrect information has been registered, the participant can ask the researcher to correct the information. That is, the researcher corrects the information or notes that the information is incorrect and records the correct information. The registered person is entitled to the researcher disregard the information until it is decided which information is correct.

Withdrawal of consent and deletion of information

If a researcher has obtained the consent of the registered person to process the information, the participant will be able to revoke the consent at any time. The consent cannot be revoked retroactively and will therefore only affect future processing of your personal data.

The participant has the right to have information deleted by the researcher about the participant if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. The information must also be deleted if the participant revokes the consent to the processing or if the information has been processed illegally by mistake. The participant is not entitled to the deletion of information which is filed in accordance with the rules of the Archives Act in the University’s archive system.

Data Protection Advisor

The IT University of Copenhagen has a data protection adviser who registered persons can contact if they have questions about the processing of personal data. The participant can contact the Data Protection Advisor at

Complaint to the Data Inspectorate

Registered persons can complain about the processing of the information to the Data Inspectorate