Do you want to tell us how digital media plays a new role in your everyday life during the corona crisis?

While the world is closed down, many of us are forced to move the most basic everyday activities onto digital media and platforms. This means that we are all participating in rapid digitalization to an extent that we have not experienced before.

Brit Ross Winthereik (ITU) and Anders Kristian Munk (AAU), together with a team of talented research assistants, are creating an archive of how digitalization of everyday life actually takes place during the current corona crisis. The purpose of collecting this data is first and foremost to create an archive that can be used for future research, without having a defined end goal.

All information (interview, text, pictures and videos) is anonymized and properly stored in accordance with current personal data protection legislation. You can read more about the project, and about data protection, at the bottom of the page.

By checking the box below, you consent to:

  • your information can be passed on to one or more researchers working on the project. These researchers have shared data responsibilities.
  • your information can be disclosed to the IT University of Copenhagen / Aalborg University.
  • the insights gained from the research can be used in connection with the publication of the project.

Who can join?

Because the project is about the digitalization of everyday life during the corona crisis, we are interested in as many different people as possible participating in, and contributing to, the project. Interviews may be conducted in English or in Danish.

In what way can I contribute to the project?

If you wish to participate in the project, you need fill out the form at the top of this page.


We agree on a time when someone from the research team will call you and do an online telephone interview that we record. We will only record audio, and not video, during the interview, but we will make the call online to make sure we can record the call correctly. The interview lasts a maximum of 45 minutes, and will be about how your way of using digital technologies and media has changed during the corona crisis. Before the interview, please fill out the form above.

What is my contribution used for?

The project is funded by the IT University and a large Danish private foundation because it is considered important knowledge for the future.

First and foremost, we will create an archive documenting the digitalisation of everyday life as it appears in Denmark during the COVID-19 crisis in the spring of 2020.

We anonymize personal information and store all personal data in accordance with applicable law, and the archive is not made publicly available.





Legal Information